Order Free Sim Cards Online Now

If you’re looking for a better deal, but don’t want to commit to the cost of a new handset, why not keep your current phone?

There’s loads of plans out there aimed at people in exactly that position, so if you’re looking for a better deal, it’s likely to result in huge savings over continuing on your current plan past the minimum term.

If you want a contract to take advantage of the savings you get on bundled calls and texts, that’s one option, called sim only. Similarly (excuse the pun), there’s pay as you go too – which means you just top up when you need to, and calls, texts and web surfing come out of your allowance.

In general, if you use your phone a lot, whether that’s for talking, messaging is the internet, you want some sort of inclusive allowance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sign up for a long term sim only contract. There’s a couple of choices, and they can seem a little confusing at first. Let’s start with traditional sim only – but on a rolling month to month contract. This gives you a guaranteed allowance every month, without the long term commitment. Month to month plans tend to be a little more expensive compared to a 12 or 24 month equivalent contract with the same allowance, but for you that flexibility may be worth the cost.

The second option is pay as you go bundles. These are either rewards for topping up your phone account, where you’ll get some calls, text or internet on top of your balance with credit that you add, or alternatively packages that you buy out of your credit. The difference between the latter and the earlier month to month rolling contracts is that the contracts you tend to get the same every month, whereas on pay as you go you can change between the allowances as you see fit.

Long gone are the days where pay as you go was as simple as having a credit balance that depletes each time you use your phone – order sims today to get the flexibility you need.